Monday, August 13, 2007

A lukewarm serving of fractious Shamen Ramen

Numerical Riffs:

1. I love it how i continue to fuck up apparent golden opportunities to acquiesce betterment into my existence quadrant only to then bobble, unhinge this benevolent force, excuse myself of feeble, daunting blunder (at a faster rate), then stew about it much later, only to find out it was foolish to be bogged down because something worse has happened, and i got over that faster. Blank check of woe.

2. I snicker and writhe how, in typing this right now, looking at the iraq snipers overhead;I blisteringly revel in bohemian sorcery and flagrant, excretory banality. I love that i just went and allowed Pelican to debrief me with mammoth, satisfying, predictable panache and I am still conflicted whether or not the contents of this computer screen conflict with an ideological stance. GUN=TEMPLE=TO THE CLUB!!!!!

3. I enjoy thinking that most people I encounter that I am attracted to believe I am a free form, spouting douche and somehow with Inanimate Paralysis. When this starts to lose relevance, and responsibility shifts to my hands to dazzle and uphold, I start to resent them for shattering and recalibrating my understanding of the interaction.

4. I am now going to craft a stoically unabashed IPA, like any northwestern commoner would at 1:30 am. After that, i will lay in my toxic roughage and imagine a world without all the interesting things i read about. And die for 5 to 8 hours. Read.........reading.............INNER OPAL DISCHARGE GRADIENT wit my MUZZLED FRECKLE ION TRENCH, killa.

5. If you are still my friend, buy me a lozenge. Give me the lozenge.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Replenishing the yenta balderdash

"Sir......sir....sir.....your drink?!?!"

I was baffled, startled, took me a second to reconfigure. This aging server of the navigation persuasion has attempted to make contact with such a resonant, vigorous noun. You normally employ this out of apparent reverence, or it's habitual, or it's for those of a reasonable senile tinged bent. I would say none of these selections light up for this person. This whole "doomed" thing is really not that bad, more of a potent procrastinating plight "vibe".

Monday, August 6, 2007

The levitating hobo slinky

I have read all the titles
but the content beckons
and I refuse to bemuse its span

Now, i will lunge at the upper u.s. and take the proverbial copper wire to the furnace. Like you care, as if anyone is reading. Turn around and buy your ore.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cornea Pangea

Go see Will Franken. Right Now. That is, until September 1st-this-instant. This man possesses the fire that left us all so long ago, his impressionable, incendiary, sweeping pulley system of clergy violating buzz will vanquish all your entire previously gathered internal editorialist.

Also, furthering even your most ambitious, rebellious allegories towards action is the only way you prosper. Recite. Now go hang out with people you aren't normally accustomed, say, for me, a few lovely, cordial, grubby drag queens or trannies or whatever simplifying synonym suits you. You will soon see why in the rest of your dour space, you will just attempt to learn to accommodate that large stick in the culo as opposed to potently dislodging said device like, at least socially, they have. For myself, these visual accompaniments are pure rhetoric, potentially for you all an entirely different tale that should not elicit guilt or a harangue attack. Just acknowledgment.

Where would we be without the iconic wheelchair host
who storms the green nettle and gallops onward?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Prompted By (not really) Enemy Fire

So, wow, i clicked a few buttons, and now attention is focused. Fuck, i have the floor. I am hurt by others that i have hurt. And i deserve it. I am a naive child with matches, who doesn't deserve to claim dependence to that paradigm. Today was my last shift at whole foods. I have a "burger flippin' degree", so the highlight of my negligible subsistence outcome is to drink a few and celebrate my upcoming step into another tier of pulverizing mediocrity and doldrum. SALUT WHITE MAN! Make more films involving cheap props and condiments while i wait for my actions to retreat into forgotten crevices and metastasizing inertness bearing craters.

I was willing to appreciate myself tonight, and this is a swashbuckling absentee defect, and i cling for mercy when it uncoils. But it incorporates fragility and desperate musk, so it falters and chimes limp, even when I am finally imbibing glistening smidgens of internal bolster. When you have a good time, you are probably bothering or causing wreckage upon a mortal you've had the honor of miscommunication. Plus, you have to forget the ills of the world, consume dutifully and repeat. De-romanticizing self disgust, anguish and aloofness is the ultimate virtue, those matters that give you meta-understood "depth" is the tasty crustacean of the cognitive spectrum. Self entitlement is the downfall of man. I want to probe a nemo toad with my unctuous, towering infrared extremity dart and i don't care who fucking disapproves. I will change this world you know if you allow me to taste more truth, and i fucking love and hate all of you.